Launch a Data Storefront

You’ve got data; customers want it. Turn your data into a revenue generating product, fast.

Turn data into revenue


Brand a self-service storefront for customers to source, test, and integrate your unique datasets. Generate beautiful docs. No cumbersome exports. Customers just connect their tools and pay for what they use.


Offer customers data that’s meticulously cleaned for the highest value —free from duplicates, inconsistencies, and mismatches.


Easily share, distribute, and monetize data legally. Equip your data with licenses and automated enforcement. Give your customers the tools and documentation to quickly and painlessly move through due-diligence by self-vetting and filtering agreements.


Connect consumer, application, and business data sources. Bulk load historical data or implement a data reward program to incentivize users to share data. Consolidate it all in a performant, encrypted data lake.


Hit the ground running, with data productization best practices and sales training. Tap into our network of active data buyers to get to revenue quick. Even pool your assets with other customers and leverage our sales team.

Case Study

[company confidential] monetizes billions of media measurement data points in the AI and Alt data markets using for data sales, compliance, cleaning, and delivery.


Data tools for data people.

Private Beta

Perfect for Unique Datasets
$10k - $25k

Depending on Data Volume

90 days

Start to Launch

Post-beta pricing includes a usage based monthly subscription and transaction fee.