Data Monetization

Brand a self-service storefront.
Enable customers to discover, evaluate, purchase, and integrate your data.


Some of our favorite features

Data Discovery

A single place for customers to easily find and explore your data assets. Everything they need in one spot.

Data Documentation

Generate beautiful docs showcasing statistics, taxonomies, and compliance reports.

Data On-boarding

With a live sandbox and connectivity guides built-in, customers can get started playing with data in minutes.  

Data Delivery

No export/import pipelines. Powered by Iceberg data lakes, customers connect their favorite tools and query in-place.

Access Management

Keep customer accounts in-house and use existing credentials with JWTs to create a seamless experience.

Automate Billing

Connect your billing system to automate both flat-rate data subscriptions and metered billing.
You’ve got data; customers want it. Turn your data into a revenue generating product, fast.
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Data tools for data people

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