Improve Permission Opt-in Rates

With in-app rewards: virtual currency, exclusive access, upgrades, & more.
Any Permission
App Store Compatible
Custom Rewards

Use Cases

Tailor incentives to enhance engagement and app value while staying compliant.

Increase Consent Rates

Dramatically increase data sharing opt-ins, enriching your data pool for improved analytics and insights.

Improve User Engagement

Cultivate stronger loyalty by rewarding users with tailored incentives, enhancing overall app experience.

Customizable Rewards

Precisely align rewards with your app's specific needs and your users' preferences, maximizing appeal and relevance.

Enhanced Ad Rev Opportunities

Secure necessary consent data sharing consent, optimizing ad and monetization strategies.



Motivate users to share data willingly with rewards that directly cater to their interests, building trust and loyalty.


Source consent-based, high-quality user data to drive strategic decisions.


Legally license data, with auto-enforcement, audit trails, and clear agreements.


Seamlessly integrate into your existing app with customizable templates and headless APIs.


Data tools for data people.

Usage Based

Perfect for New and Growing Apps

Up to 100k Users

Per Month
# of Users
Up to 100k
Up to 1M
Up to 10M