Data Aggregation

All your raw data in one place.
Consolidate your data assets in a managed Iceberg data lake. 


Some of our favorite features

Managed Data Lake

Consolidate all of your monetizable data assets in an encrypted and managed Iceberg lake. 


Easily structure, organize, partition, and normalize your raw data for use internally and externally.


Scale with data volume. Leverage the performance of Iceberg and cost savings of object storage.

Flexible Hosting

Prefer to keep your data in your cloud? Self-host in AWS. Or if you prefer, we’ll host your lake for you. 


By default, all data is encrypted (AES-256) server-side at rest. When you self-host, you even control the keys. 


Seamless integration with mainstream data tooling. Power your data ops with a central Iceberg lake.
You’ve got data; customers want it. Turn your data into a revenue generating product, fast.
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Data tools for data people

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