Data Capture

Reward users to capture valuable data.
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Some of our favorite features

Bulk Data Import

Accelerate data integration with bulk uploads. Import large, historical datasets on-demand. Capture data from your existing databases.

Data Streaming

Capture and stream data directly from mobile or web apps, for the freshest data without having to manage any data infrastructure.

Physical Receipts

Easily add OCR technology to extract SKU-level details from physical receipts. Turn paper transactions into actionable data.

Email Receipts

Automate the extraction of SKU-level data from email receipts with smart parsing for a list of verified senders.

In-App Rewards

Increase data sharing opt-ins with in-app rewards like virtual currency and exclusive access.

Cash Rewards

Level-up your data sharing opt-ins with managed cash rewards for data sales and card-linked offers.
In-App Rewards
Leverage tailored rewards to boost consent rates and user involvement while fostering real loyalty.
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Card-Linked Offers and Cash Rewards
Drive data sharing with direct cash rewards and user-centric incentives. Add a wallet for real-time tracking and management of user rewards.
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