Data Compliance

Simplify legal due-diligence.
Easily collect, share, distribute, and monetize data legally.


Some of our favorite features

Consent Capture

Create an immutable, enforceable data license for your consent forms and terms of service.

Terms Enforcement

Automate enforcement of data licenses at scale, using metadata like approved use cases.

Data Provenance

Traceable data. Always know who, when, and where for every data point captured.

Audit Trail

Record an immutable log of data handling including licenses created, incentives owed, sales, and more.

Agreement Vetting

Enable customers to quickly perform due-diligence by reviewing your data license agreements.

Agreement Filtering

Enable customers to select subsets of data where license agreements meet their requirements.
Equip your data with licenses and automated enforcement. Tailor incentives to enhance engagement and app value.
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Give your customers the tools and documentation to quickly and painlessly move through due-diligence by self-vetting and filtering agreements.
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