Zero-party data monetization

Create reward programs people ♡ to get the data you want.


Trade rewards for valuable data

Use your reward programs —or create new ones— to incentivize and compensate users for providing powerful, compliant data.


Add ZPD to your data stack

Improve matching and attribution to drive down ROAS, increase eCPM rates, create killer insights, lookalikes, and so much more.


Create a new revenue stream

Make money for you and your users by pooling ZPD with other customers to license results to martech, fintech, and AI companies.

Zero-party data

Information willingly shared

Any customer data can be zero-party, from basics like name, email, location to interests, behaviors, preferences, and more —no coercion, no sneaky tactics. Straight up voluntary data direct from the source.

Monetizing data

Trade users rewards for valuable information —then leverage it to improve internal ops like ROAS and eCPM. Or flip the asset into a new revenue stream with relicensing.

Integrate zero-party data monetization into any app or website with TIKI's powerful SDKs and APIs.

How it works

Zero-party data platform

It starts by making a user an offer for their data.

On acceptance, a signed, immutable contract is created defining the terms and rights of use. A user willingly and explicitly licensing their data for fair compensation unlocks:

  • Hard-to-get data: location, sku-level, MAIDs, interests, behaviors, you name it. Use TIKI's tools and integrations to automate collection. Link an account, allow permissions, take a photo, etc.
  • Deeper customer view: create insights, audiences, lookalikes, personalization, campaign automation... Pipe ZPD direct to your backend, or use our siloed data lakes to run jobs and integrate.
  • Licensing royalties: earn revenue using TIKI's dynamic pooling to combine data with other customers for purchase. Together it's worth more than the sum of its parts.

Want to learn more? TIKI is open source , check out our expansive docs , or schedule time with our team . TIKI does not replace your CMP or CDP; it's designed to work with and alongside your data stack.

Looking to source data?

Use TIKI to spin up a data pool to fit your needs. Billions or trillions of ethically sourced and licensed records, ready for queries, data frames, and automation.

Data straight from the source, pre-matched, with an audit-trail, and rights resolved for your use case. Safely train AI models, run cross-company BI, feed your algorithms, and more.

Join hundreds of developers
and companies using ZPD

Designed for scale

Built for the demands of the modern data stack —massive datasets

Unlike first and third-party data, zero-party data is licensed at the individual user-level. TIKI is designed to resolve and abstract trillions of data rights.

 for the data-obsessed. SDKs and APIs enable developers and data engineers to build with ZPD like any other source.
 edge-based immutable licensing, siloed hosting, dynamic pools... Our decentralized architecture preserves privacy and scales with your application.
 you don't have to be a dev to leverage ZPD. Our growing list of no-code and low-code integrations bring TIKI to your favorite tools.

fetch('', {
  method: 'POST'
  body: JSON.stringify({
    tags: ['device_id'],
    usecases: ['attribution']
.then(response = response.json())
.then(response = console.log(response));


What's the cost, boss?

Our ZPD licensing, SDKs, APIs, and integrations are all open source and free to use. Check out the docs to start building today.

Data royalties

Turn zero-party data into a recurring revenue stream for you and your users. ZPD is mixed with other customers to create datasets worth more than the sum of their parts for purchase.

What’s included

  • Siloed secure data hosting
  • Automated license enforcement
  • Identity matching and resolution
  • Cross-company data pooling

On revenue generated


Apply now

Due to demand we can't accept every company just yet. GA later this year.

Need data?

Billions of records straight from the source, pre-matched, with an audit-trail, and license rights resolved for your use case.