Becoming a Data Provider and Offering Rewards

What are the requirements for becoming a data provider with mytiki?

To become a data provider with mytiki, you need:

  • A strong user base, generally with more than 100,000 monthly active users (MAUs).
  • A method to compensate users, which does not necessarily have to be cash. Options include digital rewards or coupons.
  • A web or mobile application, as mytiki currently does not support POS/storefronts.

What types of rewards can I offer through mytiki's programs?

You can offer a variety of rewards through mytiki's programs, including cash, loyalty points, in-app currencies, subscription upgrades, and exclusive content. The goal is to reward users in ways that are most meaningful to them.

Managed Rewards Program Details

What are Managed Rewards?

Managed Rewards are comprehensive programs curated and maintained by mytiki, including data licensing, capture, and distribution, integrated through a pre-built UI for easy implementation. These programs aim to enhance user loyalty and increase revenue with minimal effort from your side.

How does the Managed Rewards SDK work?

The Managed Rewards SDK, especially our Cashback Connections program, integrates data licensing, capture, rewards, and publishing with a configurable user experience. Available for iOS and Android, it simplifies the rewards process, using transaction and receipt data to provide users with earnings.

What are the benefits of using Cashback Connections?

Cashback Connections enhances your rewards program by offering card-linked offers from popular brands and scanning technologies for physical and email receipts, allowing users to earn rewards effortlessly while shopping.

Custom Rewards Program and User Earnings

Can I create my own rewards program with mytiki?

Yes, mytiki's Custom Rewards Program allows you to design a rewards program tailored to your business and users' needs, aligning with your brand and user expectations.

How much can users earn from participating in mytiki's rewards programs?

Users can earn an estimated $5-$15 per month, with an average potential earning of about $10 per month from our rewards SDK. Earnings can vary based on participation and the specifics of the rewards program.

Program Availability and Getting Started

Are mytiki's rewards programs currently available for all businesses?

mytiki's rewards programs are in private beta, with plans to expand access soon. Businesses interested in participating are encouraged to schedule a call with us for more information.

How can I get started with mytiki's rewards programs?

If interested in integrating mytiki’s rewards programs into your business, start by scheduling a call with us. We'll discuss how our programs can best suit your business and users. Visit our scheduling page to find a suitable time.