We build infrastructure for the transparent supply of consumer data.

Simply put, we build software to enable the seamless exchange of legally licensed (zero-party) consumer data. This exchange as with most exchanges has two sides, the procurement of data and its associated licensing rights from the end consumer and the supply of aggregate consumer datasets often called panels to buyers.

Data Procurement

On the procurement side, we provide business with the tools required to legally license data from their end-users for the purpose of monetization —both for the business and its users. We do this by enabling businesses to leverage reward programs to compensate users in exchange for the license rights to data owned by these users. You'll hear this type of data often referred to as permissioned or zero-party —consumer data owned by an end user and purposefully shared with a business. By licensing data directly from consumers, business (we call them Data Providers) are able to create new revenue streams, remain in-compliance with both laws and user expectations, and most importantly deploy compelling features/compensation programs their users love.

We provide a series of APIs and libraries to:

  • Create immutable and enforceable data licenses
  • Deploy guaranteed rewards backed by us
  • Deploy custom reward programs including cash, discounts, loyalty points, gated content and more
  • Capture new and/or complex forms of data like receipts
  • Exchange data without worrying about compliance, identity, and security

We make licensing and monetizing consumer data straightforward. Users first agree to the terms and conditions of the program —including the compensation to be received. Then as a Data Provider you upload data to our platform where it is encrypted, cleaned, de-identified, and combined with all other Data Providers. Depending on the reward program, payouts are distributed back to the Data Provider either immediately on upload (once meeting the reward criteria) or over-time as your contributed data is purchased by buyers.

Data Supply

On the supply side we provide data engineers, scientists, and analysts the ability to legally source clean consumer data as a unified stream. Purchasers of data, we call them Data Consumers, subscribe to subsets of the larger monetizable dataset, spanning multiple Data Providers, by creating filters to meet their use case(s). In addition to common data cleaning tasks such as de-duping and sanitization, we handle de-identification and both compliance and license enforcement prior to delivering data.

All data assets are delivered as secure, encrypted Data Cleanrooms following the Iceberg open-table specification. Ready out-of-the-box for modern workloads like model training, signal processing, and ETL. Compatible with everyone's favorite data tooling like PySpark, Airflow, dbt, Snowflake, Databricks, and more. When creating a data subscription, Data Consumers only pay for what they use, with our platform automatically updating their cleanroom as new data matching their filter(s) becomes available.

We provide a series of APIs to:

  • Create and access secure, hosted cleanrooms
  • Create custom filtered data subscriptions
  • Source clean consumer data as a single stream from many different data providers
  • Access a compliance audit trail for all purchased data including details such as provenance and license terms
  • Safely match de-identified data to Data Consumer provided identifiers

We work to commoditize consumer data, bringing transparency and simplicity to data sourcing. Data Consumer (buyers), don't have to individually license data from a multitude of businesses worrying about compliance, repetitive data engineering, and eventually putting it all together —just select the data required and pay for what you use.

More Information

We take pride in our transparency. We're constantly adding more and more docs, but these are good starting point.

  • Data Processing Overview: A technical overview on the flow of data through the platform from data providers to data consumers and the product related security and privacy mechanisms.
  • Available Datasets: Browse the current monetizable datasets, schemas, and statistics on the data available for purchase.
  • What's a Data Provider?: A series of documents covering the underlying mechanics of being a Data Provider on our platform.
  • What's a Data Consumer?: A series of documents describing the key components of purchasing data through our platform.
  • About Us: Who is mytiki?
  • GitHub: Our codebase is entirely open-source —yes, you read that correct. See how it all works for yourself. Everything is out in the open to maximize trust, transparency, security, and compliance.
  • Terms of Service and Privacy Notice: Self-explanatory.
  • Receipt Capture Overview: Dig into one of the cooler and more complex data sourcing systems we're rolling out over the next few months.

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