Let your users sell their data. Legally. Data has value. You know it. Your users know it too. mytiki’s APIs allow you to offer rewards in exchange for data’s legal licensing rights, creating easy revenue for your business fast.

Let your users sell their data. Legally.

Data has value. You know it. Your users know it too. Use our APIs to offer rewards in exchange for legal licensing rights, creating data revenue for your business.

Offer compelling rewards in your app

Join a network of 5 million users

Make more money

Let’s not sugarcoat it. Data is valuable, and if you’re just sitting on your hands, you’re missing the boat. Or if you’re up to some sketchy shit, you should probably stop. mytiki opens the door to new revenue by dealing you and your users into monetizing data. They made the data, after all.

Reward your users, create loyalty

You know your users best. Give them the rewards they actually want. Cash, loyalty points, in-app currencies, subscription tier boosts…you name it. Users decide what it’d take to exchange their data. If your users are golden retrievers, get them tennis balls not diamond rings. Metaphorically speaking.

Have some peace of mind

Data is a tricky business. Your ass doesn’t want to get caught up in a legal nightmare. mytiki holds security, compliance, and privacy to the highest standards. And we’re not just about defense; we go on the offense, hustling hard to prep and prime your data for buyers, making it a no-sweat deal for you. Less hassle, less work — because we handle the tough stuff. (We don’t wanna get sued either, so we keep it squeaky clean.)


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Rewards Programs

Roll with our full-house managed rewards featuring popular programs like card-linked offers, or if you're feeling ballsy, go all-in with a custom program.

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Data Licensing and Enforcement

Ironclad data licensing and enforcement with an immutable audit trail for every piece of data in our system. We're the notaries of legal, traceable data deals.

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Data De-identification

Like the FBI (but cleaner), we redact the "personal" from "personal information." PII? Gone. Privacy? Amped up. The value? Still there.

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Data Cleaning

We're the Marie Kondo of data. Transforming datasets into joy-sparking, revenue-generating machines with our meticulous cleaning process.

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Data Pooling

Datasets large or small are aggregated across providers to generate revenue greater than the sum of its parts. Size only kinda matters.

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Data Capture

Snag elusive transaction data with our receipt scanning tech. We're always crafting tools to mine value from hard-to-get data.

As of now, our two managed rewards programs are in private beta, but we're close to opening the gates of Castle Rewards. If you're interested, mind the moat and gators and schedule a call with us.

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