Legally license consumer data.

Legally license consumer data.

Millions of users, billions of data points. Transparent, compliant and clean. Use our APIs to subscribe to data intentionally provided and legally licensed from end-users.

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How it works

Compliant from the ground up

All data we supply is licensed directly from its owner (the end-user) for fair compensation. Each data point is traceable to an immutable, signed audit trail with terms enforcement. Know where your data comes from; only buy data you can legally use. Skip the scolding from your compliance team.

Raw, but clean

Our product is data. We sanitize, normalize, de-identify, and standardize streams from a variety of data providers representing millions of people —basically, the annoying, repetitive data engineering work. When you buy an asset, it's ready to be used. No black-magic, just raw, clean data.

Start building, fast

Data delivery that doesn't suck. Secure hosted clean rooms powered by Apache Iceberg. Ready out of the box to query in-place, train a model, or ETL into your stack. Seamless integration with your stack and favorite data tooling. Please, no more gross CSVs.


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Data De-identification

Like the FBI (but cleaner), we redact the "personal" from "personal information." PII? Gone. Privacy? Amped up. The value? Still there.

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Licensing Audit Trail

Bring on the compliance team. All data is traceable back to a legal license from the owner with terms enforcment to protect us all.

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Pre-cleaned Datasets

We're the Marie Kondo of data. Transforming datasets into joy-sparking assets with our meticulous cleaning. Spend your time on the fun stuff.

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Provider Data Pooling

No messy disjointed schemas to stitch together. Datasets are aggregated across providers to create powerful, standardized panels.

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De-identified Matching

Tokenized de-identification protects all parties involved. Use your own ids to safely match records within your cleanroom without exposing identities.

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Automatic Data Updates

Data is never done. Create a filter and as new data arrives it's merged into your cleanroom. Packed with tools for executing sync and async workloads.

Built for
Data Nerds

Our people. Data that works like infrastructure.

Preferred by
Compliance Hawks

Not an afterthought. Built from the ground up for compliance.

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