What is a Data License?

What exactly is a data license?

A data license is a legal agreement that outlines the terms under which a user’s data can be monetized. It specifies the parties involved, the data being exchanged, the agreement's duration, and the purposes for which the data can be used.

What is the User Data Licensing Agreement (UDLA)?

This is the terminology we use for the data license specific to mytiki reward programs. It's the same as a data license, but specifically among mytiki, the participating business, and their users.

Entering and Exiting Agreements

How does a user enter into a data licensing agreement with mytiki?

Users enter into a data licensing agreement by accepting the terms presented within the provider's app or site. This acceptance allows users to legally monetize their data with businesses.

Can a user opt out of a data licensing agreement?

Yes, users can opt out at any time. Opting out immediately terminates the User Data Licensing Agreement (UDLA), ending any ongoing data transactions and associated compensation.

Terms of Agreement

What kind of compensation can users expect from licensing their data?

Users can receive various forms of compensation, including monetary rewards, cashback, discounts, exclusive content access, and more, as defined within the terms of the data licensing agreement.

For what purposes will my data be used if I agree to a data license?

Data may be used for analytics, attribution, retargeting, and other specified use cases within the confines of the agreed-upon terms in the data licensing agreement.

Data License Enforcement and Compliance

How does mytiki ensure that my data is used correctly according to the agreement?

mytiki employs reliable audit trails for every data transaction, ensuring transparency and accountability. The platform strictly enforces compliance with data usage terms, guaranteeing that data is utilized only as authorized by the agreement.

What makes mytiki's data licenses compliant with legal standards?

mytiki ensures compliance with data privacy laws such as GDPR, CCPA, and PIPEDA through user consent and strict adherence to data usage terms, maintaining high standards of privacy and legal compliance.

Benefits and Value

Why are mytiki data licenses considered better than first-party or third-party data?

mytiki data licenses pertain to zero-party data, shared willingly by users with explicit consent, making it more ethically valuable and compliant than first or third-party data. This consent-based approach enhances trust and compliance.

Are data licensing programs mandatory for users?

No, participation in data licensing programs is optional and additive. Users maintain the choice to participate without losing access to the app or website, ensuring freedom and control over data sharing.