A data subscription is a purchased subset of our data stream.

The core of a data subscription is a SQL filter query. This select statement determines the records you wish to purchase. Instead of paying for access to all of the data, purchase only the data relevant to your use case. You can create as many data subscriptions as you want, with billions of records or as few one. Your filter queries are obviously read-only and must begin with a select statement, but otherwise you have full flexibility to extract the data you need. Under the covers, we use the Athena V3 engine which in addition to standard SQL supports a ton of powerful functions.

Filter Example

select *
from tiki.transaction
where merchant_name = 'Starbucks'


All data subscriptions start with an estimate, followed by the initial table load, and then periodic updates as new data becomes available. You can also stop and restart subscriptions at any time —see Managing Data Subscriptions for specific operations.


Every data subscription begins as an estimate where we will calculate the current number of records that match your filter criteria —so you know what is cost is. We also return 3 sample records as part of the estimate so you can confirm your filter works as expected.


Once you're satisfied with your filter query and estimate, you can convert your estimate into a paid subscription. A table is created within your cleanroom and immediately loaded with all current data that matches your filter. Upon completion of the initial load, your account is billed for the total number of records added.


While your subscription remains active we will automatically update the initial table created with new filter matching data as it becomes available. Updates are performed daily by default, with alternate intervals available upon request. New records added are automatically billed to your account, existing records are not. If you stop your subscription, no new bills for the subscription will be created and updates are immediately terminated until the subscription is restarted.