Data Cleaning FAQs

What services does mytiki offer for data cleaning?

mytiki's data cleaning services include Deduplication, Sanitization, Standardization, and Normalization to ensure datasets are free from duplicates, inconsistencies, and format mismatches, making your data clean, clear, and ready for use.

How does mytiki ensure the uniqueness of data in the dataset?

Through Deduplication, we remove any redundant copies of data entries, guaranteeing each piece of data in the dataset is unique. This process helps in maintaining a clean and efficient dataset.

What does data sanitization involve?

Data Sanitization corrects formats and fixes inconsistencies within your data, acting as data's personal stylist to ensure it's appropriately formatted across all records.

How is data standardized and normalized by mytiki?

Standardization converts various data expressions into a unified format based on predefined schemas, while Normalization adjusts data to ensure compatibility and comparability across systems. This ensures data harmony and integrity.

Data Deidentification FAQs

What is the importance of data de-identification in mytiki's services?

Data de-identification protects individual identities while preserving data's commercial and scientific value, ensuring data privacy and compliance with regulations.

How does mytiki handle the de-identification process?

We strip personally identifiable information from data, link it to a unique Tiki ID (TID), and employ tokenization with salt for each data purchase to enhance security and maintain data integrity without revealing actual personal identifiers.

Data Pooling FAQs

Why is data pooling important, and how does mytiki execute it?

Data pooling aggregates datasets from multiple providers into a more valuable, comprehensive resource, enhancing its market value and attractiveness to buyers. mytiki uses sophisticated matching techniques and the Tiki ID (TID) as the core element for accurate data pooling.

Can I control where my data is distributed after pooling?

Yes, you can blacklist or approve specific companies, use cases, or markets, providing control over your data's distribution and ensuring it aligns with your preferences and policies.

What makes mytiki's data pooling service unique?

Our Data Pooling service not only amplifies your data's market value but also contributes to a richer, more detailed dataset through intelligent pooling strategies. This service is designed to make each data point count, ensuring reliability and attractiveness for data buyers.