Managed and custom rewards programs allow you to source zero-party data from your users while creating lasting loyalty that grows with user participation.

Mytiki’s all about keeping things simple when it comes to data rewards programs.

Whether you're looking to just plug and play with zero headaches or get your hands dirty and fine-tune everything, we’re here to roll with your style.

Use your business earnings to reward users the way they want to be rewarded. Cash, loyalty points, in-app currencies, subscription upgrades, exclusive content, and more.

Give you users some skin in the game by allowing them to watch their data turn into real value over time, building trust and loyalty.

How it works

  1. Add my tiki to your application
    Use our APIs to create a native experience or get going in minutes with out templated UX.
  2. Present your new program to your users
    Be transparent. Users opt-in to participate in your new data reward program, creating legally licensable data.
  3. Send data to mytiki
    Submit user data via our async or bulk-load APIs for de-identification, productization, and compliance enforcement.
  4. Receive data royalties
    Withdraw royalty distributions earned from our network of data licensors. In turn, payout your users, if applicable.

Managed Rewards - Cashback Connections

Our bread and butter are our managed reward programs. This means that everything about the program is overseen, curated and maintained by us fine folks at mytiki. Simply drop our pre-built UI into your app or site and put the loyalty gears into motion bringing easy revenue to your business and users.

Our managed rewards programs are the heart of our Monetize features. They're meticulously designed, curated, and maintained by our dedicated team, ensuring a seamless experience for you. Just integrate our ready-to-roll UI into your app or website, and watch as it smoothly engages your customers, enhancing loyalty and effortlessly boosting your revenue and user satisfaction.

Depending on your user bases, these programs deal out monthly or quarterly payments for your users in the $5-$15 range with little extra effort required from your users. Nice.

Managed Rewards SDK

For most data providers, we strongly recommend our rewards SDK which takes about 10 minutes to implement and dramatically simplifies the entire process. It includes the data licensing, capture, rewards, and publishing alongside a configurable user experience.

On average users earn ~$10/m from our rewards SDK which uses a blend of transaction and receipt data. The SDK is available for both iOS and Android applications and uses, in addition to our own technology, a partnership with Kard under the covers.

Card-linked offers presented from thousands of the most popular brands are showcased, activation-free, to users who can shop as they usually do to earn rewards.

Physical receipt scan and email receipt fetch technologies create more data to blend into rewards, creating a model that pays out users more than a standard CLO offer on top of netting your business extra revenue.

In-app, users can watch their earnings accrue over time and cash out at any point.

This is the easiest and quickest way to integrate mytiki’s reward programs into your stack.

Check out the Cashback Connections User Journey.

Learn more about Cashback Connections.

Custom Rewards

Think you got what it takes to roll out a mytiki-backed rewards program on your own? Well, if you think so, we don’t doubt ya.

As Rob Schneider famously said, like, a lot of times:

Create whichever reward program you feel would best suit your business and your users with our Custom Rewards Program.


Get Started

Rewards programs are currently in private beta. We're close to opening the gates of Castle Rewards; if you're interested, mind the moat and gators and schedule a call with us.