Zero-party user data is aggregated across providers to create unique datasets ready for consumption.

At mytiki, we understand that data's true potential is unlocked when it's pooled together. Our Data Pooling service is designed to maximize the value of your business's dataset by combining it with others, creating enriched, comprehensive data tables ready for purchase.

The Power of Data Pooling

Data pooling is all about synergy. By aggregating datasets from multiple providers, we create a unified, more valuable resource. It’s a case of the whole being much more than the sum of its parts.

How It Works

Here’s the deal: Different providers send us various types of data. Our job is to intelligently pool this data together, primarily using the Tiki ID (TID) as the anchor point.


If several providers send us receipt data, we don’t keep them in isolation. Instead, we aggregate all this receipt data into a single, comprehensive table. This table, rich with pooled data, then becomes available for purchase by data buyers.

Connecting to Users

Every piece of data is tied back to a user. To make this happen, we employ a sophisticated matching network that blends deterministic, probabilistic, and machine learning (ML) matching techniques. This ensures that data from different providers can be accurately matched and pooled into standard tables.

What This Means for You:

As a data provider, pooling your data with us not only increases its market value but also contributes to a larger, more detailed, and more attractive dataset for buyers. For data buyers, it means access to a rich, diverse, and reliable data source.

In short, mytiki’s Data Pooling is about making each data point count and ensuring that when it comes to data, you’re always playing in the big league. Interested in giving your data the pool party it deserves? Let’s chat and dive in.