Data Capture from Receipts

How does mytiki capture data from physical receipts?

mytiki transforms photos of physical receipts into structured, machine-readable datasets using a straightforward scanning process. This involves image capture, multiple image stitching, text extraction leveraging Amazon Textract, and data serialization, ensuring accurate and efficient extraction of monetizable data.

What technology is used for text extraction from physical receipts?

Text extraction is powered by Amazon Textract, which uses machine learning (ML) powered optical character recognition (OCR) to ensure precise extraction of relevant text data from scanned images.

Can mytiki process email receipts?

Yes, mytiki streamlines the process of extracting data from email receipts through integration with Gmail and Outlook accounts. This process involves OAuth2 authorization, email extraction from known senders, and precise text extraction using Amazon Textract, similar to the process for physical receipts.

Email Receipts Processing

How does mytiki ensure the security of email receipt processing?

mytiki utilizes OAuth2 for authorization without storing user credentials and reads emails exclusively from a list of known receipt senders to maximize privacy and security standards.

What happens to the data extracted from email receipts?

Extracted data is serialized into a structured, machine-readable format, ready for consumption by licensor applications and systems, ensuring the data is prepared for legal and monetizable use cases.

Card-Linked Offers (CLO)

What are Card-Linked Offers (CLO) and how do they work?

CLOs compensate users with cashback for shopping at thousands of participating merchants with a linked credit/debit card. Our CLO feature, powered by our data licensing technology and Kard’s rewards-as-a-service platform, incorporates merchant offers into a Data Provider's app or site without requiring activation from the cardholder.

How does mytiki integrate CLOs into its platform?

Our CLO feature seamlessly integrates merchant offers directly into a Data Provider's app or site, identifying rewards as soon as the card is used at a relevant merchant. This is facilitated by a powerful transaction matching algorithm and includes both online and in-store purchases.

How is user spending estimated and analyzed through CLOs?

Businesses that provide historical transaction data can make tangible estimations of monthly or quarterly rewards based on user spending habits, allowing for a clearer understanding of potential rewards from CLO participation.