Explore how users interact with Cashback Connections, exchanging transaction data to effortlessly earn cashback rewards by shopping at thousands of popular merchants.

User Journey Flow Chart

Presentation of Offer Screen and UDLA

The Data Provider chooses at which point in their own user journey that the Cashback Connections user journey will begin. For users who have not yet agreed to participation in the Cashback Connections program, the first screen shown is the Offer Screen.

Offer Screen

  • Displays an estimated cashback range based on spending habits and market price for shopping data. If the Data Provider agrees to share historical transaction history with mytiki, the estimated ranges are personalized for each user.
Offer Screen

Program Terms (UDLA)

Should the user elect to get an estimate, they must agree to participate in the Cashback Connections program. Upon clicking the Get Estimate button on the Offer Screen, the Program Terms screen will display.

  • The technical name of the program terms is the User Data Licensing Agreement (see Data License). The full UDLA text will display on-screen in place of placeholder text.
Program Terms Screen

Home Screen Overview

Upon agreement to the UDLA on the Program Terms screen, the user will be brought to the Home Screen which contains the User Dashboard.

Home Screen

User Dashboard

  • Display of monthly or quarterly cashback estimate for each user, progress toward payout of full estimate, and lifetime earnings.
  • Increase Earnings displays existing merchant offers as called from the Kard API. Offers are customized to each user and increase in relevance with participation. Swipe up displays the full list of offers. For more, see Increase Earnings Tray.

User Dashboard Pathways

On the User Dashboard, users transition by tapping the Show More button, a brand icon in the Increase Earnings section, swiping up to open the full tray of merchant CLOs, or tapping the close button to exit Cashback Connections.

Show More Screen

Show More Screen

The Show More screen is composed of the Contributor Breakdown, Accounts, and Program Details sections.

  • Contributor Breakdown displays a breakdown of top merchants contributing to user cashback payouts.
Monthly Estimate Section
  • Accounts displays a list of linked accounts (GMail and/or Outlook, if Email Receipt feature is enabled).

    Accounts Section
    • By tapping the Gmail or Outlook icons, the user will transition to a specific Email Account page for each email client. From the Email Account page(s), the user can link and unlink email accounts. Tapping the back arrow transitions the user back to the Show More screen.
Gmail Account Screen
  • Program Details displays the types of data collected and data use cases in a user-friendly manner (a simplified version of the UDLA), as well as buttons to Report an issue, view the full Data licensing agreement, and Opt out of Cashback Connections.

  • Report an issue allows users to file a bug report to mytiki.

  • Data licensing agreement transitions users to the Program Terms screen.

  • Opt out of Cashback Connections will open a prompt to confirm their choice.

    • Confirmation transitions users back to the Offer Screen.
    • Confirmation voids the pre-existing UDLA. No further data is collected from the user. Payouts cease after the next payout cycle if cashback has accrued since the previous payout.

Increase Earnings Tray

Swiping up on the User Dashboard will open the full Increase Earnings Tray.

Incease Earnings Tray
  • Tapping a brand icon transitions users to a specific Merchant Account page. Each will display known existing CLOs for the selected merchant.

    Walmart Merchant Account Screen
  • When Email Receipt feature is enabled, Gmail and Outlook icons will be displayed among merchants with ability to link email accounts when opened.

  • When Physical Receipt feature is enabled, a Scan Receipt button will be displayed that will open the device camera to take photos of physical receipts for any merchant.

For more information on Email Receipt and Scan Receipt features, see Receipt Capture Overview and Receipt Data Processing.