2. Create an Estimate

Create your first data estimate



Enter a name for your subscription. When you go to purchase your subscription, this name will become your table name with the cleanroom.


  • lowercase letters
  • the only special character allowed is _
  • must start with a letter



A SQL SELECT query to use to create your subscription —any read only operation is allowed, including joins, where clauses, limits, etc. Queries are executed using AWS Athena Engine V3, refer to the reference docs for specific syntax questions.

You can find our available datasets, taxonomies, sample queries and more under Browse Data.

For this guide, use the query below:

select * from tiki.transactions
where merchant_name = 'Starbucks' 
and transaction_date = CAST('2023-11-11' as date)

This query selects only Starbucks transactions from Nov. 11, 2023 —roughly 11,000 records.

Cleanroom ID


Enter the cleanroomId you created in step 1. Create a Cleanroom. For example: a09f999d-b971-4d2f-95d5-16c9748923a5

Click Try It! to execute your request. Make sure to record the subscriptionId in the response object.

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