We've selected our cleanroom format to maximize compatibility with popular data tooling

Use your favorite tools to query in-place, connect application code, or ETL into your own stack in minutes. Purchased data conforms to Iceberg's high-performance open table format for huge analytic tables and resides as parquet files in S3.

You can always access your raw data at s3://mytiki-ocean/cleanroom/{cleanroomId}, however we strongly recommend using one of the many Iceberg integrations available. We provide step-by-step guides for some of the most popular tooling configurations. If your favorite tool isn't listed and you'd like some help, reach out and we'll happily make a guide.


  • Athena (SQL) —query your data in-place with using SQL with Amazon Athena
  • PySpark —create a DataFrame with PySpark and Pandas
  • Airflow —create a data pipeline with Apache Airflow and Amazon Athena to ETL your data