Data for Data People

Tiki inc. started as an idea outside a Boston tiki bar. One year later we began building; our team undertook a mission to empower people with ownership over their data. Envisioning a future that unlocked the true potential of consumer data by bringing transparency to a once-gray market.

The lack of transparency and standardization had created a privacy, security, and compliance nightmare —not to mention, shitty data.

Since 2021 we've been building relentlessly.

Infrastructure For The Transparent Supply Of Consumer Data

We build software to enable the seamless exchange of legally licensed (zero-party) consumer data.

  • Users: Users choose to participate in licensing their data for fair compensation, such as cash, discounts, loyalty points, and upgrades, through an app or website with our technology embedded.
  • Data Providers: Businesses integrate our technology into their websites and apps to create compelling data monetization programs for their users, thereby opening a new revenue stream.
  • Data Consumers: Data engineers, scientists, and analysts legally source clean consumer data as a unified stream across Data Providers using secure Data Cleanrooms that are ready out-of-the-box ready for modern data workloads like model training. 


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