User Data License Agreement

The agreement between a data seller (the User) and a data licensor (the Company) is called a User Data Licensing Agreement or UDLA.

First off, let's establish the names and roles:
• The licensor or "seller" of the data is the User.
• The licensee or "buyer" of the data is the Company (you).

The basis of the agreement is a two-way exchange. The User will grant a license to a Company for a defined set of data they own. The Company is permitted to use said data for a set of purposes defined in the UDLA for an agreed form of compensation.

TIKI provides the following assets to help in creation of your UDLA.

1. Guidelines - a series of requirements and clauses your UDLA must include to considered valid.

2. Template - a boiler plate agreement, that you can easily fill out and amend for your specific application.
Always review with your legal counsel before deploying to production.

What’s Next

Learn how to add your UDLA to TIKI's SDK