Pre-built UI

Quickly style the Pre-built UI to match your app and start licensing data in minutes.

TIKI's Pre-built UI is a simple, optimized flow for presenting users with data licensing offers. The flow comes pre-configured to create Title and License Records. To get started, all you need to do is set your styling and offer.

Customize Style

The appearance of the UI components is customized using the following variables. Refer to platform-specific libraries (Web, iOS, Android, Flutter) for detailed instructions.

Showing the UI

The TIKI SDK includes two methods, TikiSdk.present() and TikiSdk.settings(), for displaying the UI flows. Call them wherever you feel best fits your app and use case.


TikiSdk.present() kicks off the pop-up flow (pop-up shown above), which overlays on top of the current screen. Upon completion or dismissal of the flow, the user is returned to the screen they were on prior to beginning the flow.


TikiSdk.settings() displays the settings screen, allowing a user to change their mind at any time. We recommend placing this call within your normal app settings (hence the name), but you can show it anywhere. The screen includes a back button that performs a standard pop(), returning the user to the previous screen.

Disable Accept Ending

The TIKI SDK includes ending screens for both accepting and declining the offer. In some flows, you may not want to show the accept ending; for example, when offering a discount, you may want to drop the user directly into your checkout with the discount applied.

The accept ending can be disabled via the disableAcceptEnding property.

What’s Next