Use TIKI's APIs to fetch and utilize data licenses in your backed.

Our APIs are designed for integration with your existing production environment. They turn licenses you create using one of our SDKs into easy to program against data models. Head over to the API tab to try it out!

Our standard API consists of 3 main endpoints:

Optimized for high-volume deployments, the List Licenses endpoint supports a variety of search parameters like ptrs, users, tags, and more. It returns compressed records, mainly metadata. After all, when would you need the entire legal contract in a data pipeline? You just need to know which users agreed to the specific use case.

Easy. Fetch the entire License Record, legal terms and all using the record's ID. Responses are in beautiful JSON so you don't have to worry about our nifty but complex immutable data structure.

All License Records inherit from a parent Title Record. Use the records unique ID to find it (available in every Get License response). Also in pretty JSON and super easy to work with.

All of our advanced APIs are also available if you're looking to build something a bit less standard. We spend countless hours refining and simplifying our APIs but there's always an edge case. So have at it!

These are the underlying APIs powering our SDK and tools like our console.

What’s Next

Try it out! You can poke and prod our endpoints right from this website.