Including Terms and Conditions

License records include both standard legal contracts and explicit use cases for programatic enforcement.

When creating a license record, it's important to include both a standard legal contract and explicit use cases. Legal contracts are mandatory for... well, legal reasons, like dispute resolution and compliance.

When you sign up for TIKI, we provide a boilerplate User Data License Agreement(UDLA). You have to amend/adjust the agreement for your specific implementation, but much of the legal copy is reusable. Make sure to loop in your legal counsel!

You can also provide an entirely custom license agreement (our Pre-built UI supports markdown). We strongly recommend including graphics, tables, links, and more to improve legibility and understanding. We've taken extreme care to keep our boilerplate agreement brief and readable; no one will read ten pages of legal text.

With TIKI, requesting and collecting updated license agreements is easy, so you can be explicit. Try to avoid vague and sweeping clauses; too often, they result in misinterpretation.


# User Data License Agreement

This is an agreement between **you, the "User"** and **[company name],
the "Company"**, the licensor. The agreement, the User Data License Agreement
(**"UDLA"**), sets out both parties rights and obligations in respect to the
licensing and use of the data referred to within.

try? TikiSdk.config()
        .terms(this, "")
await TikiSdk.config()

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