Use and Enforce Licenses

With the TIKI SDK, enforce data licenses at the application layer.

The TIKI SDK can optionally be used to enforce data licenses at the application layer, dramatically simplifying backend flows. Only transmit data to your backend if users have accepted the license agreement.

We do not recommend using the guard function for critical application data. However, it's a great fit for non-critical data, like collecting ad analytics. When implemented, the SDK resolves the current license terms locally (no performance hit) on each transmit request, ensuring only data with user permission reaches backend servers.

For enforcing licenses on the backend, visit our API docs.


There are two ways you can use the TikiSdk.guard() function. You can wrap your outbound request function by passing it as the onSuccess parameter. Or you can use the boolean response.


  • ptr — the Pointer Record
  • uses — the use case and request destination to validate against the license terms.
  • onSuccess (optional) - a function to execute when a valid license exists.
  • onDenied (optional) - a function to execute when the request is denied.


  • boolean - true if a valid license exists, false if it does not.

Refer to platform-specific libraries (Web, iOS, Android, Flutter) for detailed implementation instructions.