Display the Offer

Specify your offer details to complete the UI

Reward Image

300 x 86 resolution.

We've elected to make this portion of the UI an image so you can get as fancy/detailed as you'd like. We strongly recommend the image to be compelling, easy to understand, and focused on the incentive for the user to participate (hence, why it's called the reward image). The reward always goes hand in hand with the text Description (like a caption), so avoid over crowding it with too much text.



Up to 3 lines of text (it's 3 lines not a char count because you select the font) to accompany the Reward Image, the add additional user-friendly details to the Offer. We recommend including details like the type of data the user is trading and participation requirements (like 10% off your next purchase of $10 or more).


Trade your IFDA (kind of like a serial # for your phone) for a discount off your next purchase of $10 or more.


The bullets (up to 3, but strongly recommended to use all 3) explain to the user how their data will or will NOT be used. When creating your bullets, it's important to use terminology users are familiar with. Words like attribution, lead to confusion and lower opt-in rates.

The bullets are cosmetic ONLY, to help the user better understand the Offer. Bullets should correspond/relate to the official technical uses which ARE recorded in the License.

Each bullet has 2 properties:

Bullet Text: A 1-line text description of the use case.
Bullet isUsed: A boolean flag if the text corresponds to how the data will or will not be used.


Official Use: LicenseUsecase.attribution()


		.bullet({ text: 'Learn how our ads perform', isUsed: true })
		.bullet({ text: 'Reach you on other platforms', isUsed: false })
		.bullet({ text: 'Sold to other companies', isUsed: false })
try? TikiSdk.config()
        .bullet(text: "Learn how our ads perform", isUsed: true)
        .bullet(text: "Reach you on other platforms", isUsed: false)
        .bullet(text: "Sold to other companies", isUsed: false)
        .bullet("Learn how our ads perform", true)
        .bullet("Reach you on other platforms", false)
        .bullet("Sold to other companies", false)
await TikiSdk.config()
  		.bullet("Learn how our ads perform ", true)
  		.bullet("Reach you on other platforms", false)
  		.bullet("Sold to other companies", false)