Creating a Project

A Project is a bit like a namespace. Users and their licenses all roll-up under Projects.

Most likely you'll only need a single project for production. However, it's not an uncommon pattern to use a "dev" or "sandbox" project to keep the junk licenses created during testing separate from the high-value licenses you and your users will eventually create.

To create a new Project, just press the "+ Add Project" button.

You'll see an aptly named "New Project" appear in your dashboard. Click into it to change your Project settings and generate API Keys, and find your identifiers.

Name: Click the pencil icon to give your Project a name. Cosmetic only, but certainly helpful when you have multiple.

Application ID: The actual identifier for your Project's namespace.

Publishing ID: Required for initializing the SDK. This tells TIKI where to put your records. These ID's are not secrets and can be published in your application code. Click the refresh icon to cycle your identifier, immediately deprecating your previous Publishing ID.

Delete App: Self explanatory (though it should be named Delete Project 🤦). Keep in mind, that while deleting the Project will delete all Private Keys, and stop any new records from being created, it does NOT delete previously created records. With TIKI, License and Title records are immutable, meaning they cannot be deleted or altered.

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