Register Callbacks

Use callbacks to integrate the SDK UI flow with your app-specific flows.

The TIKI SDK exposes a handful of callback events that you use to register functions to run. Use events to redirect users, kick-off app-specific flows, or start POSTing data. Refer to platform-specific libraries (Web, iOS, Android, Flutter) for implementation details.


The onAccept(...) event is triggered on the user's successful acceptance of the licensing offer. This happens after accepting the terms, not just on selecting "I'm In." The License Record is passed as a parameter to the callback function.


The onDecline() event is triggered when the user declines the licensing offer. This happens on dismissal of the flow or when "Back Off" is selected.


The onSettings() event is triggered when the user selects "settings" in the ending screen. If a callback function is not registered, the SDK defaults to calling the TikiSdk.settings() method.

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