JS SDK v1.0.4

The TIKI SDK for JavaScript makes it easy to add consumer data licensing to your web applications. It's the client-side component that your users will interact with to accept (or decline) data licensing offers. TIKI's SDK creates immutable, digitally signed license records using cryptographic hashing, forming an audit trail. Programmatically consume records and enforce terms client or server-side using developer-friendly data structures and APIs.

This library includes both configurable pre-built UI flows/elements and native low-level APIs for building custom experiences.

Get started with our 📚 SDK docs, or jump right into the 📘 API reference.

Get Started

Add the dependency to your project from NPM using

npm install @mytiki/tiki-sdk-js

or load it client-side using the CDN

<script defer src="[email protected]/dist/index.js"></script>

Now just initialize the Pre-built UI and configure your offer.

That's it 🥳.
Use TikiSdk.present() in your app to kick off the offer flow.